Become a Member

As Pittsburgh’s only consumer-owned grocery store, we thank you for choosing to be a member of the East End Food Co-op! We exist to serve the needs of our members by providing the finest natural and organic foods. We also strive to provide valuable information and great customer service.


How Much Is Membership?

Your $100 investment, the current value of a Co-op share is paid once and entitles you and your household to the privileges of one membership (one vote in Co-op elections). There are no annual fees, and the share is fully refundable.

You can pay for your share in two ways:

  • One payment of $100
  • Four quarterly installments of $25 each

Member Benefits

Ownership in your community grocery store offers:

  • 2% discount on all daily purchases
  • 10% discount quarterly on the transaction of your choice
  • Discounted tickets to Co-op events
  • Co+op Deals mailed to your home (upon request)
  • Ability to place money-saving Special Orders
  • Check-writing privileges for up to $20 over purchase amount
  • Option to receive e-receipts electronically for all shopping transactions*
  • Access to EEFC Federal Credit Union
  • Voting privileges in Co-op elections
  • The opportunity to elect or run* for the EEFC Board of Directors
  • The opportunity to serve on board committees
  • The chance to attend Board meetings, ask questions, and share ideas
  • The opportunity to attend Annual Meetings and learn about board candidates and finances, and interact with staff, board, and other Co-op member-owners
  • The right to request special meetings on specific subjects
  • The right to propose and vote on binding referenda
  • Reduced advertising rates in The Co-operator
  • Discounts extended by other businesses through our Community Partners Program*

Members must keep membership active with one of the listed payment plans to enjoy the benefits of membership listed above. In addition, any benefits marked with an * are only available for fully-paid members (not those on installment plans). To join the East End Food Co-op, to check the status of your membership, or to reactivate a lapsed membership, simply contact Customer Service at 412-242-3598 or stop by the Customer Service Desk at the front of the store.