Credit Union

The East End Food Co-op Federal Credit Union

The East End Food Co-op Federal Credit Union is a member-owned and operated, non-profit, financial cooperative.

The EEFC Federal Credit Union provides a number of financial services. Membership in the Credit Union is open to any EEFC member who lives in Allegheny or Westmoreland counties.

Credit Unions are owned by members, and because they do not need to make profits for stockholders, they are able to have low fees and great rates on loans and savings. Credit Unions save you money while serving the community, and they are also democratically controlled by their members. Every member gets to vote for the Board of the credit union, and the Board is made up of members!

Our credit union offers:

  • Share Savings Accounts: You can start a savings account with a minimum of $5 and begin earning dividends right away! All deposits are federally insured for up to $250,000.
  • Payroll Deduction & Direct Deposit: With payroll deduction or direct deposit, you can have money transferred into your savings account automatically. We can also do regular transfers from your checking account at another institution.
  • Personal Loans: Credit Union members can get personal loans for up to $3,500 with terms of up to 36 months. Why get store credit or pay sky-high rates to check cashing companies?
  • Car Loans: Our Car Loan program has no loan amount limit and has terms of up to 60 months. We can usually beat dealer financing packages!
  • Green Loans- special low rates: GreenLoans get a special low rate on environmental purchases like efficient lightbulbs and appliances, weatherizing, or even a yearly PAT pass. The GreenLoan rate is at least 2.0% lower than the personal loan rate.

For More Information


Phone: 412.243.7574


Office hours

  • Wednesday 4-6:45pm
  • Friday 3pm-6:45pm
  • Saturday 11am-3pm
  • Appointments outside regular business hours are temporarily suspended.