Board Election Campaigning Policy

Guidelines for Campaigning during EEFC Board Elections (Revised 10/2018)

We wholeheartedly embrace our co-op’s thriving democracy and encourage candidates and their supporters to engage with members and encourage them to vote in board elections.

In order for campaigning to go smoothly and not interfere with other business, we request the following of anyone who wishes to campaign at the store:

  1. Campaigning (approaching strangers) will only happen outside the store. Anyone campaigning should not block or impede access to any entrances, displays, or cart racks.
  2. Campaigning should be done in a respectful, non-confrontational way. As a reminder, our store is open to everyone, members and non-members alike. If anyone expresses a lack of interest in talking to you, please allow them to continue on their way without pressuring them.
  3. Campaigners will be informed of any complaints received and encouraged to change their tactics and respect the above mentioned geographical and personal boundaries.
  4. Personal campaign materials may not be displayed in the store.
  5. Election materials printed by the EEFC may be used by campaigners, as long as they have not been modified in any way.
  6. While campaigning in the store is prohibited, talking about the election to people you know while in the course of shopping is not considered campaigning and is permissible.

Our supervisory staff will contact the Front-End Manager to handle any specific issues that may arise that do not necessarily fit into this specific policy. In these circumstances, all parties are expected to work together to come up with a mutually acceptable solution.