Tabling, Campaigning and Solicitation Policy

Generally, the Co-op has a strict policy of no tabling or solicitation. These policies exist to maintain a comfortable shopping experience for all visitors of the Co-op and ensure smooth daily operations of our store.


We are approached by many organizations who want to reach our members and shoppers. There is limited space within our store and daily deliveries of food and materials must be coordinated without creating safety hazards or inhibiting the flow of traffic. Due to these space constraints, tabling is only permitted by quarterly Register Round Up Recipients and in-store demos coordinated in advance with the Marketing & Member Services Department.


Solicitation, panhandling, and/or loitering will be addressed in accordance with City of Pittsburgh Ordinances.


In order to accommodate the needs of our store along with the expression of our underlying democratic principles, we request the following of any person that wishes to campaign or petition at the store:

  1. Campaigning/Petitioning will happen only outside the store in the area above the loading zone and below the ramp to the parking lot. The loading zone is identified by the yellow painted curbs. Above is defined as away from the entrance to the store.
  2. Campaigning/Petitioning should be done in a respectful, non-confrontational way.
  3. If we receive complaints, of aggressive or harassing behavior, the person campaigning/petitioning will be asked to stop and leave the premises.

Our supervisory staff have been instructed to contact the General Manager, MMS Manager, or Front End Manager to address any specific issues that may arise that don’t necessarily fit into this specific policy. In these circumstances, the discretion of these individuals will be honored.