2020 Board Election Results

Board elections ran from October 24, 2020 to November 29, 2020. Eight Co-op members ran for our board of directors this year. Members had the opportunity to vote in the store or online for up to four candidates. There were three seats up for re-election and one seat that will become vacant this month. The three highest votes are seated to a 3-year term; the fourth highest vote to a 1-year term.

There were a total of 199 votes cast (173 electronic, 26 paper). The election was certified by the board (8-0-0) on Tuesday, December 1, 2020, by email vote.

The new directors are:

  • Trevor Ring, 3 year term (2023) – 126 votes
  • Marty Seltman, 3 year term (2023) – 125 votes
  • Jenise Brown, 3 year term (2023) – 107 votes
  • Ariel Barlow, 1 year term (2021) – 101 votes

The new directors have all accepted their positions and will be seated at the upcoming board meeting on Monday, December 21st.

In addition to the election for new board members, the EEFC conducted a vote on 30 proposed changes to the bylaws of the organization.  All of the changes were passed, with 140 members voting.  The changes aim to increase member participation, staff empowerment, and board transparency as well as address various logistical issues.  Among the changes are the creation of a 10th staff-only seat on the board, to be voted on exclusively by the staff.  In addition, the EEFC has joined other co-ops in granting members the explicit right to submit referenda to the the full membership.  Additional due process rights have been given to both members and board members who are subject to disciplinary action or termination.   The board’s permitted use of closed session has also been more clearly defined.

View the revised EEFC Bylaws (2020)