Board Corner: November 2022

Dear Fellow Member-Owners,

The fall season means many things: warm spiced fall food, turning leaves, and election season! You’ve probably been hearing about the important upcoming Federal, State, and Local elections. But did you know that our Co-op also conducts an election this season and that your participation is needed?

As a member-owned democratic business, the election of your Board of Directors is the easiest and most impactful way for you to affect the future of our Co-op. When you vote in our Co-op’s election, you’re making your voice heard by electing Board Members who champion your vision for our Co-op’s future. The Board of Directors represents you in decision-making about important Co-op topics that craft our Co-op’s identity and ensure we have a vibrant place to continue shopping. In the coming years, the Board will lead the Co-op through challenges, including growing and expanding to new premises, achieving livable wages for all staff, adapting to our changing climate, and navigating a food affordability crisis.

We have an incredible slate of 12 candidates running for the Board to fill five open seats (as well as one open staff-only seat that is democratically elected by the staff). There are several ways you can get to know your Board Candidates:

  • Visit the Co-op’s website
  • Pick up a Board Candidate Packet at the Customer Service Desk
  • Look for Board Members and Candidates tabling in front of the store in the coming weeks

Once you’ve decided on your votes, you can cast your ballot online or pick up a ballot and cast your vote at the Customer Service desk. Voting is open now through November 27, so make sure to cast your ballot soon! The five candidates that receive the most votes will be seated at the December Board meeting.


The EEFC Board of Directors