Board Corner: November/December 2021

The Board reviewed the candidates who applied to run in this election and voted to approve all candidates in the executive session. This election is uncontested. Under the bylaws passed in last year’s election, the eligible Board candidates were appointed to the Board at the October Board Meeting. The candidates (and their statements) were:

Mia Sorada: “I understand that both the expansion and member engagement are important goals. A reasonable goal for the coming year would be to come up with a thoughtful plan for funding the expansion. With the pandemic turning social outreach on its head, another reasonable goal would be to find new safe ways for members to connect. The offering of community is one big way that EEFC stands apart from other neighborhood grocery chains. With expansion and a segmented approach to member engagement, I could see EEFC on its way to materially enriching the neighborhoods around it as it ferries relationships between shoppers, members, management, staff, and suppliers.”

Brian Alderman: “2022 will be a pivotal year for the EEFC, centered primarily around expansion activities. Executing a successful capital campaign is the biggest goal facing us in the near term, followed by establishing decision making and feedback processes to engage the membership in important expansion decisions. [My vision for the EEFC five years from now is] the EEFC will be firmly established in a new location that’s designed to serve the Coop for the next 20+ years. We will be taking proactive steps to invest in and develop a robust and independent regional food system using strategies such as supplier diversity programs.”

Debi Johnson: “It’s important we expand our reach and make it an even higher priority to have a positive impact on the under-served members of the community. [The] public does need education on what a co-op is, what we stand for, where our money trails, and what we envision for our community. I think in a year’s time, we could have a solid expansion/ relocation plan that emphasizes improving wheelchair/ motor cart accessibility. I would like to see us enter into a new store, having already established an informed, diverse, and inclusive culture within our workplace. I want to work and shop at a co-op that not only thrives in its diversity, equality, and inclusion, but embodies what it means to make that commonplace.”

Megan Moffitt (Staff seat): “I have also been an active member of UE Local 667 – the union which represents non-supervisory/confidential staff. I am a proud union member, community organizer, volunteer, and enthusiastic supporter of institutions that support workers like unions. [Some important one-year goals for the EEFC include] preparing members, Board, and staff for inevitable expansion; continuing safety protocols as required to keep staff safe as well as customers from COVID-19. [My vision for the EEFC five years from now is] EEFC, in consultation with UE Local 667, will provide life-sustaining and meaningful employment for all its staff. No worker works for less than $18.00 per hour. Everyone is happy.”

(Candidate statements have been edited for length.) 

They will join the returning Board members: Ariel Barlow, Jenise Brown, Tom Pandaleon, Trevor Ring, Marty Seltman, and Laura Valentine. In addition, Ariel Barlow, originally elected to fill an incomplete term, was appointed to fill the year remaining in the term of departing Board member Charlie Orr. Ordinarily, this seat would be filled by election, but no candidates were available to fill it. The Board thanks Charlie for his service over the past two years.

The Board is excited to have a full complement of representatives going into the 2022 governance year.

Laura Valentine, EEFC Board Secretary