March/April Board Corner

Board Corner

Note: The board is no longer accepting applications for appointment. Members interested in serving on the board may run in the general election. Applications will be accepted through 9/22 at 9 PM. Election runs October 27-November 30. Applications are available here:

Interested in taking your involvement with the EEFC to the next level? Then now’s your chance! We are currently seeking candidates for board service whose contributions can help us create and achieve a shared vision for the short- and long-term future of the Co-op. While participation in a cooperative can take many forms, the most direct responsibility falls upon members of the board of directors, a nine-person body of member-owners tasked with representing the membership.

What does the board do? The board follows a Policy Governance philosophy, which prescribes a clear boundary between governing and managing an organization. Specifically, for the East End Food Co-op, this means that board members do not make decisions about day-to-day store operations. Instead, they focus on broader concerns, specifically:

  • Overseeing the general manager
  • Financial oversight of the Co-op
  • Engagement with and accountability to our member-owners
  • Creating a long-term vision for the Co-op

Who is a good candidate for board service?
Dedication to the Co-op and its principles is first and foremost. To be eligible, a candidate must be a fully-paid member-owner of the East End Food Co-op. A strong candidate will possess the following qualities:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability and desire to work closely with other board members as part of a cohesive team
  • Vision for the future, and an ability to see present-day decisions in the context of the long-term health of the Co-op
  • Ability to speak openly and independently in group discussions, while also being able to abide by decisions arrived at collectively by the board
  • Good judgment, honesty, and courage

How do I Apply? To apply, complete the application which can be found on the Board page of the East End Food Co-op website. Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled. Help us keep our Co-op going strong!

Our guidelines for selecting the new director are:

  • A passion for and a belief in the EEFC Ends, cooperative values, and the Co-op movement
  • Willingness to learn about how the EEFC Board works, such as: willingness to go to workshops, interest in learning about Policy Governance procedures, interest in the Co-op’s history
  • Specialized skills, such as law, HR and personnel, accounting, grocery operations, medical/health, finance, or conflict management

Members are always welcome to drop the board a line at