Place a Special Order

Save Money with Special Orders

The East End Food Co-op is open to everyone, but only members can special order case quantities of any product our distributors carry. Orders can be placed through Customer Service, either in person, by phone, or by using the online form below.

  • Members may place up to five (5) special orders at a time. Members may place more orders once their initial orders are picked up. (For special orders, each case/bag = one order.)
  • There are no longer category restrictions on special orders. Members may place orders for canned tomatoes, flour, and paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, and facial tissue), though we cannot guarantee availability of these products. Buyers will communicate out-of-stocks to members.
  • We are still not able to offer retroactive pricing or rain checks for sale items. If the item doesn’t come in during the sale period, then we will not be able to honor the sale price.

We reserve the right to adjust order limits and category restrictions based on order volume and product availability.

How large is a case?

The typical case amount for regular grocery products is 6 or 12 items. Items that don’t come by the case vary according to the product. For example:

  • Herbs and spices: 1 pound
  • Coffee: 5 to 10 pounds
  • Meat: see here.
  • Oats: 50 pounds
  • Bread: 6 package minimum
  • Books: 3 of the same title

Please call Customer Service at 412-242-3598 if you have questions about specific products.

What is the case discount?

Members save 20% off the regular retail price, excluding all fluid dairy products, which are sold at a 10% discount, and Co+op Deals and Co+op Basics, which are sold at the advertised price, less the 2% member discount. Sale item orders must be placed before the sale ends. Sale dates are posted in the sales fliers and on our website.

Restocking schedule

Due to limited storage space and the perishable nature of some products, we follow a strict re-stocking schedule.

  • Fresh meat needs to be picked up within 3 days of the customer being contacted.
  • Groceries and nonperishable items will be restocked 14 days after they arrive.
  • Perishables (refrigerated and frozen items) will be restocked 7 days after they arrive.
  • Produce will be put out onto the store shelves 3-5 days after delivery, depending on the product.

Customer Service will call or email when your item comes in, and let you know the restocking date. It is important to pick up your order in a timely manner.

Place a Special Order

You must be a member to place a special order. Please note that special order requests may take 1-2 weeks to fulfill. This is due to the unpredictable nature of our deliveries and a surge in demand for case quantities of items. We are doing our best to meet your needs at this time.