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As a member-owner of our cooperative grocery store, you’ve chosen to invest in a community of people, ideals, and of course, wonderful food. You don’t just shop here – you own it!


Co-ops are businesses used by the people who own them.


Our Co-op has been member-owned for over 40 years, and now has more than 16,000 members. The Member Center is a collection of resources to help every member-owner get the most out of their investment.

Member Benefits

Ownership in your community grocery store offers:

  • 2% discount on all daily purchases
  • 10% discount quarterly on the transaction of your choice
  • Discounted tickets to Co-op events
  • Co+op Deals mailed to your home (upon request)
  • Ability to place money-saving Special Orders
  • Check-writing privileges for up to $20 over purchase amount
  • Option to receive e-receipts electronically for all shopping transactions*
  • Access to EEFC Federal Credit Union
  • Voting privileges in Co-op elections
  • The opportunity to elect or run for the EEFC Board of Directors*
  • The opportunity to serve on board committees
  • The chance to attend Board meetings, and ask questions and share ideas
  • The opportunity to attend Annual Meetings and learn about board candidates and finances, and interact with staff, board, and other Co-op member-owners
  • The right to request special meetings on specific subjects
  • The right to propose and vote on binding referenda
  • Reduced advertising rates in The Co-operator
  • Discounts extended by other businesses through our Community Partners Program*

Member Rights

  • Each household membership has one vote in the annual board of directors elections.
  • East End Food Co-op Members may join the EEFC Federal Credit Union.
  • Co-op members have a right to privacy. We do not sell or trade membership data with outside organizations or disclose private member information to anyone outside of the East End Food Co-op.

Member Responsibilities

  • Duly inform the Co-op of any changes to your membership information (phone number, address, email, household members, etc.)
  • Stay informed by attending board meetings and reading Co-op communications, including annual reports, newsletters, e-news, and board meeting minutes.
  • Participate in our Co-op’s democratic process by voting in annual Board of Director elections.
  • Serve your Co-op running in Board of Director elections.
  • Inform the general public of the nature and benefits of the cooperative model. Promote East End Food Co-op within your communities.
  • Communicate your concerns and suggestions through our Customer Comment box and bi-annual member survey.

Participating in Your Co-op

  • Shop at your Co-op!
  • Support local non-profits. Round up your total at the register.
  • Attend workshops & events.
  • Share your expertise by hosting a workshop.
  • Stay informed. Sign up for e-news.
  • Submit content to The Cooperator.
  • Shop local. Show your member card for discounts at our Community Partners.
  • Attend a board meeting or read meeting minutes.
  • Vote in board elections.
  • Run for the board.
  • Provide your feedback. Submit a comment card.
  • Invite a friend. Be an ambassador for your Co-op.
  • Work at the Co-op. Apply for employment.
  • Spread the word!


All member rights and responsibilities are outlined in detail in East End Food Co-op Bylaws (revised 2020)

Additional Resources

  • National Co+op Grocers (NCG), is a business services cooperative for natural food co-ops throughout the United States. NCG helps unify food co-ops in order to optimize operational and marketing resources, strengthen purchasing power, and ultimately offer more value to natural food co-op owners and shoppers everywhere.
  • The International Co-operative Alliance is a non-profit international association established in 1895 to advance the co-operative social enterprise model.
  • The Pittsburgh Chamber of Cooperatives is the hands-on resource for  worker-owned and member-owned businesses in southwestern Pennsylvania.