May & June Board Update

Board of Directors

Hello EEFC Community!

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce our new General Manager: Maura Holliday, our current Grocery Manager. We are looking forward to working with Maura in her new role are excited to work together to face what the future holds for EEFC.

This was a difficult decision to make because each of the finalists brought very different strengths to the table, but ultimately the board decided that Maura will be the best long-term steward of our co-op, this critical community resource that we have all built together.

Of all the candidates, Maura demonstrated the most knowledge of local food systems. She is also highly collaborative and committed to our co-op and our city. She is approachable and thoughtful, and we believe that under Maura’s leadership all of the store’s stakeholders (staff, managers, board, members, and shoppers) will be able to continue to work together to build our co-op into a great grocery store and a leader on environmental sustainability, collaborative economics, food justice, staff empowerment, transparency, and meaningful member participation.

Please join us in welcoming Maura into her new role!

Special thanks to all of the members and staff who took time to meet with the candidates and share their feedback. The board is buoyed by the efforts of members and staff to be involved in the decision making process and we encourage you to remain or become engaged in an area of your interest. There are several committees within which the board does our work, and we encourage you to become aware of how we function and to join one of those committees open to member participation. We meet as a full board usually on the third Monday of the month and we feel supported when you show up!

  • The Bylaws Committee is currently reviewing our bylaws to propose revisions.
  • The Management Transition Committee recently completed the work of hiring a new General Manager, Maura Holliday, and is now focused on ensuring a successful transition from prior leadership under an Interim Management Team.
  • The Annual Meeting Committee will be gearing up soon to plan a meaningful and cooperative Annual Meeting in the fall.
  • The Expansion Committee is beginning to investigate the most appropriate avenue for solving our “bursting at the seams.”
  • The Finance Committee monitors, advises and analyzes all thing financial.
  • The Member-Owner Participation (MOP) Committee explores avenues to strengthen communication between the board and the member-owners and member-owner participation.
  • The Board Perpetuation and Elections Committee works toward keeping the board fully seated and the elections robust.

Please contact for more information or to become involved. The Bylaws, Annual Meeting, and MOP committees are open to members. The Management Transition, BP&E, Expansion, and Finance Committees are currently not open to members. Full committee descriptions are posted.